The South of the Border Bloggers decided we’d document A Day in the Life South of the Border.

So, here is a visual day in the life of this Meximamma!

Ä  Yes, the picture is blurry on purpose.  Because that’s what my eyes see at 6:20 in the morning.


Working my way through Cousin It’s furry mane.   Daily Challenge:  make it into a braid.
Lunches packed!
And we’re off!
We made it to school . . .
Drive back home . . .
Walk the dog.
Once we’re off my street, this is the view!  We’re still officially in the city.
Second breakfast and Bible time
Constant Companion was suspiciously quiet while I was reading.  It turned out that he was busy turning on the hose outside.  I re-directed him so he wouldn’t be wasting so much water.
It never ends . . .
May 2018
Then we tackle a little laundry! (Photo credit:  Surviving Mexico)  Yes, the two-year-old DOES help me!
Then I practice the flute for a bit . . . before Sunnyjim goes down for a nap.                                        (For anyone who would like to hear my teacher play, click here and throw Mayo Flautista some love!  Or to just hear the flute played well.)
Get lunch started.
Go get The Dudes.
The Dudes are done.
Go back home.
Lunch!  The Dudes are ALWAYS ready for tostadas.
Back in the car.
While The Girl is in ballet, the boys run around the patio at the dance studio.
Finally going home for good.


dead chicken
This is an honest-to-goodness example of first grade homework.             And that is an honest-to-goodness photo of a dead chicken in the upper right hand corner.  After more than 10 years here, there aren’t many cultural differences that smack me up alongside the head, but this one did take my breath away for a moment.  Is it just me, or would that dead chicken in in a first grade worksheet raise all kinds outrage among parents in the US?  Here?  Yep–that’s a dead chicken.  Yep, that’s the end of the life cycle.  End of discussion.


Dinner.  I thought, “Gee–that’s so cliche to post pictures of tostadas and quesadillas for our meals.” But then it dawned on me that, more often than not, we DO eat tostadas and quesadillas AT LEAST once a week.
Books before bedtime!  We’re currently working our way through a Hans Christian Andersen anthology and the volcano book.  Or dinosaurs.  Or sharks.  The Boy likes his science!


Here’s my chance to connect with you fine people!  (Yes, I know–screens after 9pm . . . but momma’s gotta do what momma’s gotta do!)


And . . . that’s another day in the books!


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