I’m Jill Michelle Douglas.

To be honest, I feel a little exposed having my middle name out here like this.  In US culture, a middle name is like a secret weapon–nobody knows it, except a person’s family and closest friends.

However, I live in Mexico.  When you ask people what their name is, hoping for whichever nickname they prefer to be called, they’re invariably tell you both their formal first name AND middle name.  Furthermore, Jill is something of a tricky name in Mexico.  For those who know English, it’s not a problem.  But I had a group of neighbors who just couldn’t figure it out.  Hill, Jim, Gina . . . it always got butchered.  So, for their sakes, I “changed” my name to Michelle.  Easier for them, and still technically my name.

I’ve been blogging for eight years at www.meximamma.blogspot.com.  When I started, I was a new mom and relatively new to Mexico.  That blog was my means to explaining what I loved about Mexico (or the things that mystified me) and my journey into parenting.

I still enjoy both topics, but Mexico is now my “normal” and not such a surprise.  The more kids I add to my family, the more of a mystery parenting becomes.  Plus, there are other topics like faith (specifically Catholic Christian), living simply, and reducing stress that I wanted to touch on here.  So when I’m writing on those topics, I´m not trying to be preachy–I simply found something that worked for me, and often the whole reason I write about it here is so that I might remember it again in the future.

If that advice helps out anyone else, all the better!