The Irony of Cinco de Mayo

I’ve always thought it strange that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than in Mexico. But then I found a very solid reason why we should! (Ironically, no one seems to know about this, though.)

Espero Women: “Sewing” Seeds of Hope

Outside of large cities, there generally aren’t many opportunities for anyone, especially women. In nearby towns, a group of women are joined in prayer, and they’ve built a small business out of it!

Favorite Blogs in Mexico: E for!

Blogging has been an adventure for me over the last 10 years.  It began as a way to have some human interaction (albeit virtual interaction) when I was a stranger in a new country with an infant.  One of those scenarios alone is isolating, but doing both at the same time? It was rough. Along…

Minimalism–the cure for gluttony?

Gluttony doesn’t apply only to food. The fact that minimalism is so popular right now might be that it’s a step in the right direction to combating our gluttonous tendencies. Click through to read more!

What to do in San Antonio (in 24 hours)

What does a family with small children do for 24 hours in San Antonio? Riverwalk I asked people who had been there, what exactly we should see. Every single answer? The Riverwalk. Mario also wanted to see the Alamo.  Fortunately, the Alamo was right between our hotel and the Riverwalk.  Perfect. We arrived in the…