Faith Life–yeah, that’s a loaded phrase!

What do I mean by that?  Understanding the Trinity

Faith comes in many different forms.  Given my life, experiences, and background, I believe in God.  I also believe that Jesus is the Son of God (and a member of the Trinity, which Christianity often refers to as the Godhead . . . but that’s kind of a funny term . . . but if you want to explore the doctrine of the Trinity more, click here).

More specifically, I was raised United Methodist, almost became Lutheran, but then I fell in love with my husband.  As he’s not great about discussing his faith, I had to all kinds of independent study to figure out exactly what it was he believed.  The more I investigated, the more chagrined I was to find that my beliefs aligned quite well with the Roman Catholic Church.

Life is funny like that.

So that’s where I’m coming from.

I’m interested in learning from people of all backgrounds, (read here about my study with a Jehovah’s Witness missionary which hugely strenghtened my faith) but since this blog is a one-woman show, what you’ll find here is a lot of Christian reflection, flavored with a bunch of Roman Catholic doctrine.


Reflections on Christian Living

Growing In Relationship with God


Biblical Reflections

Social Justice


Liturgical Seasons

Now, I do write these posts in a variety of moods.  My aim is that they’re uplifting.  But, more than anything, I aim for honesty.

I find that the more I write about my faith when I’m feeling down, the more that gives me perspective and I’m uplifted.

After all, if Christianity isn’t liberating, we aren’t doing it right!


Featured Image courtesy of Alison McConoughey.