Making Greek Yogurt

Ever thought about making Greek yogurt? It’s absolutely possible to make it right in your kitchen! I’ll show you how!

Loving the Land of Limón

Before I even came to Mexico for my study abroad semester, my eyes–and taste buds–woke up to the fact that Mexican food as I knew it wasn’t really Mexican food.  A month before we left for that fateful semester, my professor held one last study-abroad prep meeting.  She served us tostadas. As I’ve mentioned before,…

Peanut Noodles

To continue last week’s theme of making it up or going without, we don’t have any Thai or Vietnamese restaurants in this part of the world.  (Unless there’s in one in Monterrey or Torreón that I don’t know about.  That alone would give me reason enough to finally make the drive to Torreón!)  To be…

Chickpea Falafel Wraps

Living in Mexico, surrounded by mouth-watering Mexican food, one might wonder why I’d eat anything other than Mexican food.  I might be right with those wondering that, except that Mexico boasts a healthy Lebanese population.  With that, comes some fantastic Lebanese cuisine! One of our favorite tacos places in Cholula, Puebla made falafel tacos, generously…

Tortilla Soup

Does any food say “Mexico” more than Tortilla Soup?

OK, some people might say tacos.

Those people don’t know!


This ridiculously simple dish will win over the most ardent bean-hater!