Reading Mexico

Can’t experience Mexico in person? Here are my top five picks for learning about it through literature. (OK–to be honest, not all my selections qualify as “literature”! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t great!)


Whenever people ask me where they should visit in Mexico City, my top answer is always the same: the canals at Xochimilco!

Real de Catorce

Emily Lee Garcia, Hannah (and Doren) Tripp, and I are collaborating for the South of the Border Bloggers’ A-Z Challenge.  Our mission?  The letter R–for Real de Catorce!   Real de Catorce is a gem of a Pueblo Mágico, tucked away into the mountains of northern San Luis Potosí.  It takes awhile to get there–but it’s…

Loving the Land of Limón

Before I even came to Mexico for my study abroad semester, my eyes–and taste buds–woke up to the fact that Mexican food as I knew it wasn’t really Mexican food.  A month before we left for that fateful semester, my professor held one last study-abroad prep meeting.  She served us tostadas. As I’ve mentioned before,…

Day of the Dead: Cultural Interchange

“Celebrations like Día de los Muertos are gaining popularity in the U.S. because the spiritual awareness gives integrity to the festivities that have been denuded of spiritual meaning.  The only way to keep the integrity of the holiday is to retain its primary purpose: the unification of the communion of saints and a cheeky nod to death.” -Meghan…