If You Wish It . . .

Often, I assume that hard times in life are there to build character. Often, I forget that like the leper in Mark 1, Jesus wants us healed.

Three Kings’ Day–and how it almost wasn’t!

“Mom–can I help you put away the hats and gloves?” offered The Girl, a few hours after arriving back home after another epic Christmas road trip to visit grandparents.  Grateful for the help, I let her sort out the scarves, hats, mittens, and gloves, while I unpacked another suitcase. I few minutes later, I strolled…

Heifer Ranch Tour

Heifer Project is a fantastic organization, aiming to end poverty worldwide. This summer, we were lucky enough to go visit!

Escape to Aguascalientes

Like the name says, Aguascalientes is known for hot water springs. But there’s a lot more to love about Aguascalientes!

Love Your Neighbor

Whatever our personal opinion on the Migrant Caravan may be, if we call ourselves Christian, we have one response. Love.