Teaching English with VIPKid

Looking for a part-time job you can do from home while your kids are still sleeping? Look no further! VIPKid has you covered!

A Season of Waiting

Sometimes we’re stuck waiting. Should we just wait, or are there opportunities in the waiting?

Ohio Bird Sanctuary

When you’ve got a raptor-obsessed 3rd grader, what better place to visit than the Ohio Bird Sanctuary? Click through for the lowdown!

Accidentally Homeschooling

Missing the Hogwarts Express “”I’ve been thinking about that all day.  It left nearly six hours ago.  Weird, not being on it, isn’t it?” In his mind’s eye Harry seemed to see the scarlet steam engine as he and Ron had once followed it by air, shimmering between fields and hills, a rippling scarlet caterpillar. …

Exploring Zacatecas

I came to Zacatecas expecting dust and cowboys, mules and mines. What I found was a UNESCO World Heritage site, filled with mind-blowing modern art collections!

For Those Who Stay

In certain circles, there are a lot more goodbyes than in average communities (I’m looking at you, military families and expats!). Here’s some encouragement for those who stay.

The Irony of Cinco de Mayo

I’ve always thought it strange that Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the US than in Mexico. But then I found a very solid reason why we should! (Ironically, no one seems to know about this, though.)