Reading Mexico

Can’t experience Mexico in person? Here are my top five picks for learning about it through literature. (OK–to be honest, not all my selections qualify as “literature”! But that doesn’t mean they aren’t great!)

A Day in the Life

Come with me on a whirlwind tour of my day!

Or not–some days are, some days aren’t. But sometimes it is fun to see what other people are doing!

Real de Catorce

Emily Lee Garcia, Hannah (and Doren) Tripp, and I are collaborating for the South of the Border Bloggers’ A-Z Challenge.  Our mission?  The letter R–for Real de Catorce!   Real de Catorce is a gem of a Pueblo Mágico, tucked away into the mountains of northern San Luis Potosí.  It takes awhile to get there–but it’s…

Four Ways to Pray

I’m participating in the Catholic Women Bloggers Network blog hop on Favorite Prayers and Devotions.  I couldn’t pick just one! This fall, my Bible study was taking suggestions as to what we should tackle next.  Should be study one specific book of the Bible?  A theme?  If so, what theme? I suggested prayer, because it’s…