Here’s a list of posts that I’ve complied that are just my thoughts on living out my faith.

If they help you out with yours, that’s awesome!

Reflections on Moving/Relocation

Biblical Reflectionsana-tavares-VDwINWBdX0Y-unsplash

Have you run across a weird parable that just doesn’t make sense?

Yeah, that happens to me, too.

And then, sometimes YEARS later, it gets explained in a way that makes perfect sense!  When things make sense, I tend to write them down.  So here are a few:


Social Justice

We don’t exist in a bubble.  A lot of what Jesus had to tell us, had to do with how we treat others.  dimi-katsavaris-222748-unsplash

Sometimes, when I feel powerless, sometimes writing helps to feel a little more powerful.  So here’s some thoughts: