Journey with me as we explore Mexico, and explore Christian faith from a Catholic perspective.

Jill's Journeys

I started this blog for a number of reasons: 084.JPG

  1. After blogging for a few years, I realized that I was evangelical about Mexico.  Mexico gets a bad rap in US media–some of it deserved, much of it not.  This blog started out as my way of explaining why I love living in Mexico.
  2. Once I realized I was evangelical about Mexico, it dawned on me that maybe I should be evangelical–like, proclaiming the Good News.  You know, like Jesus told us to do.  But again, mainstream media tends to get this wrong, too.  So, much like setting the record straight on Mexico, this is also where I try to set the record straight on Christianity (and Catholicism)–at least, the liberating way I’ve experienced it!
  3. And, sometimes I just find something that makes my life easier.  Then I wonder why nobody told me about (whatever it was) earlier.  This space is my chance to save someone else time, heartache, and pass on those brilliant ideas that make life easier.


Sound good to you?  Great!  Read on!

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Bucket List

To keep me accountable (and to keep the ideas flowing), I’ve written down my bucket list below.  I have a feeling it will grow faster than I be able to check things off!

In no particular order: