IMG_8565Mexico has so many opportunities for travel!  It’s not just beaches and desert.  But where should you go to travel in Mexico?  Anywhere and everywhere!  (Well, OK–it is best to avoid the state of Tamaulipas, parts of Veracruz, parts of Guerrero, most of Michoacan . . . or, if you HAVE to go there, do some serious research before you go!)

Except for the places listed above, most of Mexico is perfectly safe, and wonderful on so many levels!

Mexico is made up of 32 states, ranging from tropical to arid to temperate, with incredible beaches, breathtaking forests, awe-inspiring deserts, and a seemingly limitless array of mountains.

I lived three hours from the Texas border in Coahuila.  For more posts on Coahuila (and specifically the capital, Saltillo) check out my other project,

Here are guides and thoughts about other states and cities I’ve explored:murals at Palacio del Gobierno, Zacatecas


Yes, these cities don’t often top anyone’s bucket list for traveling in Mexico.  But in these cities, you won’t run into throngs of tourists, and I can guarantee you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice your Spanish!   These are modern, thriving cities that don’t cater to the tourist crowds.  But despite all that, they’ve still got plenty of charm to go around.

(OK, Zacatecas is plenty touristy.  Apart from mining and tourism, there isn’t much else sustaining Zacatecas.  But that’s OK, because Zacatecas is AMAZING.  Seriously, go to Zacatecas.)

zacatecas at night