A Season of Waiting

Sometimes we’re stuck waiting. Should we just wait, or are there opportunities in the waiting?

For Those Who Stay

In certain circles, there are a lot more goodbyes than in average communities (I’m looking at you, military families and expats!). Here’s some encouragement for those who stay.

Espero Women: “Sewing” Seeds of Hope

Outside of large cities, there generally aren’t many opportunities for anyone, especially women. In nearby towns, a group of women are joined in prayer, and they’ve built a small business out of it!

If You Wish It . . .

Often, I assume that hard times in life are there to build character. Often, I forget that like the leper in Mark 1, Jesus wants us healed.

Love Your Neighbor

Whatever our personal opinion on the Migrant Caravan may be, if we call ourselves Christian, we have one response. Love.